Friday, 27 January 2012

Theres no business like show business

Black eye 1 

Black eye 2

Finger blown off 1

Finger blown off 2

Prague here i come !!

This year is so busy what with planing to go on holiday because i so desperately need one after not stepping foot on a plane in 10 years, and uni application going on iv been burying my head in my work and refusing to  see sun light untill its all done but over christmas iv found my work has started to take a whole new look, im really staring to feel coffee and tea staining, my nan has also been visiting  from spain and gave me the most fantastic tip on dying fabric if you take the brown outside skin of an onion and boil it up in a pan of water then add your fabric you get the most beautiful brown colour on the fabric hummm experimenting time i think !!

my holiday blogging let down

Well i sent this year off to a good start iv looked at my blog once totally neglecting it but i have been keeping up to date with my new years resolution! iv been learning so many new words with wired and wonderful meanings once of my favourite is Agrestic, but im not going to tell you what this one means you will have to look it up your self ha ha. 

Friday, 13 January 2012

New years resolution !!!!!

For the first time in a long time in actually going to make a new years resolution, but its not your most  conventional resolution im going to expand my vocabulary, I like words any way but this way i can pick a word a day and use it as much as i can !

Todays Word :  Temisis  -separation of the parts of a word by another word, e.g. abso-bloody-lutely