Tuesday, 29 May 2012

 Iv only just noticed the clip at the top of this photo but as i said they havnt been edited yet and still need work doing to them.
 I love this pictuer Hanna has such a regel look about her the pose was just fantastic.
This pictuer scars the helll out of me but its fantastic. In the Victorian era the only way they could photograph babys was by covering the mother in a sheet and have her hold the baby upright freeky i know but its in keeping with the period so it had to be done felt so sorry for Hannah beeing stuck under a rug but she did fantastic all my models did.

sneek peek !

im goin to upload some of the photos that were take befor they have been edited so you can get a good idea of befor and after.
This is one of my models Hannah she offered to be my Victorian lady, iv started to do her makeup and hair here, i wanted to give her a really basic look not to much make up just a simple layer of foundation and little lipsick, the ends of her hair that are showing im going to crul them and she will have a net hat on aswell.

Today is the day !!

well today is the day of the photo shoot and im praying it all goes okay the set is all realy now and all the props are in place jkust need to get the modles ready and were all set to start snapping away :)

Lighting test :)

 This is two of my friends from college Sam and Nina, I asked them to mess around in the photography room so i could take some pictuers with the camra i would be using during the photo shoot, just to see how the lighing would work out as i was a little worried that because there is no natral light in the room the pictuers would come out really dark but i turns out they came out fine,  acctually better than fine they were graet, this mean for the photo shoot now i dont need to use all the camra lighting equiptment and with the room having no natrel light it will give the photos more of an older darker look.
                                                    Dont ask what they were doing

Preping the photo shoot

okay so its time to start preping the photo shoot iv finaly got all the cosutmes and props together so i can now set a date and get the ball rolling so exited to get the modles dressed and ready to go.

Learning what i need to know !

Most of the sketchbook work i have uploaded so far is my work relating to my Victorian Photography, it been one of the mose intense books iv done some far purley because of the amount of wrighting in the book the book is roughly 70 pages long and all of it is reaserch work. One main reason for there beeing so much reserch work is because i knew almost noting about fashion and photoraphy from that era, so i was almost teaching myself every thing from that time from how clothing was made to the dying proses and how photo shoots would have been put together hope you enjoy what iv put up so far.

More sketchbook work (FMP)

I love the litte water colouers i did of the veges round the edge of this page even if it dad take my dad a few appemts at guessing what the veg in the top corner was, FYI its an onion lol.

This is some vege dying that i did, because i was looking in to fashion i wanted to look at old methord os how to dye fabric, what was popular at the time and how it was done so i choose to do musterd,onion,coffee,tea,carrot and tomato so came out abit dull but the musterd and onion came out great.

this was some artist reasuerch i did in to and old fashion designer called Georges Barbier he was a cotuer fashion designer in the later 1800s. He did alot of costume work for theater and was one a vogues top designers, look him up hes an awsome find http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Barbier
This is groom, its a weadding shop near my home in warrington, i went in and asked then about pieriod costume and were could i get some patterns for a mans wedding suite, they were so helpfull and let me take loads of photos of there shop.
In my photo shoot i want to have some flowers on the table so i looked in to flowers that were popular and to be honest most of them still are. For the shoot in the end i used Sweet Williams and Carnations thay looked beautiful.

Friday, 25 May 2012

need help !!!!

God! i feel like im so busy at the minuet with my finals and uni iv not had a second to stop and work on my blog really neglected it over the past 8 weeks but its okay i have so much stuff now im going to upload.


The last few pages i posted are of my Final Major Project sketch book for this project i chose to look at victorian photography and fashion this book is one on my best books or so i feel anyway there was so much information that went in to it. when i first started this book i knew nothing about that time period but now im a whizz haha. I have just finished my final photo shoot so im going to upload those when there nearly done and then the final finished product.

sketchbook work