Tuesday, 29 May 2012

More sketchbook work (FMP)

I love the litte water colouers i did of the veges round the edge of this page even if it dad take my dad a few appemts at guessing what the veg in the top corner was, FYI its an onion lol.

This is some vege dying that i did, because i was looking in to fashion i wanted to look at old methord os how to dye fabric, what was popular at the time and how it was done so i choose to do musterd,onion,coffee,tea,carrot and tomato so came out abit dull but the musterd and onion came out great.

this was some artist reasuerch i did in to and old fashion designer called Georges Barbier he was a cotuer fashion designer in the later 1800s. He did alot of costume work for theater and was one a vogues top designers, look him up hes an awsome find http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Barbier
This is groom, its a weadding shop near my home in warrington, i went in and asked then about pieriod costume and were could i get some patterns for a mans wedding suite, they were so helpfull and let me take loads of photos of there shop.
In my photo shoot i want to have some flowers on the table so i looked in to flowers that were popular and to be honest most of them still are. For the shoot in the end i used Sweet Williams and Carnations thay looked beautiful.

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