Sunday, 12 February 2012

Say Cheese !!

Some of my wonderfull class mates all in there sunday best ready and awaiting the performence to start
This was the beautifully hand painted back drop on the stage comeing up ready for the balett to begine i was so exited, dont think i was ment to be taking to meny photos but i thought hell im only goin to get to do this once.

this is the wonderfull light in Prage opra house it was just epic for lack of a better word i know iv said iv never seen anything like this befor but wow this was just amazing i know love to go back to prague in the summer time when its not so snowey.

These were my wonderful pics from prague i can honestly say iv never had a more magical experience in all my life the one thing i can really clearly remember is the noise the ballet shoes made on the floors the theatre house was so amazing we went to see swan lake the costumes were just fantastic so detailed and elegant enjoy !!

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